sandblasting breathing air filter

sandblasting breathing air filter is composed of a breathing filter, a sandblasting helmet, a temperature regulating pipe and a gas pipe.Is mainly suitable for sand blasting, spraying, mining and other heavy air pollution in the environment, using compressed air forced ventilation, after breathing filter effective moisture in the air, oil and gas, rust and tiny impurities, after a pipeline to the thermal control tube, the input air, cold, warm temperature regulation, then enter a helmet for the use of filtrated.This protective system can effectively isolate the air in the working environment and the air used for breathing, thus providing maximum protection to the operator.

Sandblasting Breathing Air Conditioner

Sandblasting Breathing Air Conditioner
is the second generation of sand blasting, spraying and industrial and mining environment of serious air pollution places, the latest generation of labor protection supplies for workers.The working principle is to filter the compressed air, through the air pipe connection into the intake, through the air high-speed rotation, separated into cold air and hot air, the temperature can reach + -25O degrees Celsius.It can adjust the temperature in the protective suit within the range of 50 degrees Celsius. It can resist the cold in winter and eliminate the stuffy heat in summer. It has a high comfort level and greatly improves the working conditions of workers.It can be used all year round.
Main features:
1. Small and light (100G), equipped with a belt can be carried
2. Energy saving, configuration of small hole fast insertion, effectively reduce the gas consumption
3. Just adjust the flow valve, you can change the use of temperature, convenient and fast
4. Wide range of temperature regulation, suitable for a variety of regions and climates
5. The mold forming temperature is more stable and the service life is longer
6. It can be connected with protective helmet, sandblasting cap, sandblasting suit, connected protective suit, etc.

Sandblasting helmet Air Filter

Sandblasting helmet Air Filter
is mainly used for sandblasting, spraying, painting, paper making, cement, etc. Under the condition of bad air quality, it can effectively remove rust, water mist, oil and gas and smell in the compressed air, and provide long-term clean breathing air for the operator.The filtering accuracy is 5 microns.
This type of breathing filter is upgraded and improved by our company on the basis of keeping the first generation of harmonious appearance, beautiful appearance and good filtering effect.The filter element is imported with large capacity and one-time injection molding. Compared with the first generation, there are the following points:
Shape: the overall use of aluminum alloy casting weight 9.9kg, the air inlet pretend filter, in the case of poor compressed air quality, effectively reduce the burden of the filter element, the first generation is made of welded steel pipe, weight 26kg.The steel pipe is easy to rust, which increases the burden of the filter element.
Filter element: the shell of the filter element is molded by ABS material with large capacity and large surface area, which improves the absorption of rust, water mist and oil and gas, and improves the filtering effect and life span.The first generation uses white iron as the shell of the filter element, which increases the burden of the filter element virtually after rusting.

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