Product name: The Crawler rubber belt type shot blasting machine
Product Description:
The Crawler rubber belt type shot blasting machine is a smaller blast cleaning equipment for casting parts, forging parts and small fabricated metal work pieces. 
This machine is for workpiece surface cleaning, rust removal, and intensify, and is mainly used for cleaning. 
Many varieties of mass production parts, especially workpieces that can bear collision. This machine can be used in single applications ,and also can be used in groups. 
Special attention should be noted because it can not be used for high temperature parts, trimming parts, or skin needling parts, as they will easily damage the rubber belt.
Product details:
This machine is mainly composed of blasting chamber, blast wheel, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, separator, dust removal system, electrical system, etc.
1,Agriculture industry Shot blasting: 
Tractor components, water pumps, farm implements, etc.
2,Automobile industry Shot blasting:
  Engine blocks, cylinder heads, break drums, etc.
3,Building & infrastructure industry Shot blasting: 
Structural steel, bars, transmission & television towers, etc.
4,Transportation industry Shot blasting:
   blocks, axle & crank shafts, diesel engine components, etc.
5,Oil & gas industry Surface preparation: 
Pipes coating with paper, cement, epoxy, polythene, coal tar, etc.
6,Mining industry Shot blasting: 
Bulldozer, dumpers, crushers, land fill equipments, etc.
7,Foundry industry Shot blasting: 
Automobile, tractor, scooter & motor cycle components, etc.
8,Aviation industry Shot peening: 
Jet engine, blades, propeller, turbine, hubs, land gear components, etc.
9,Air polution control equipments Applications: Foundry, carbon black, furnace, cupola, etc.
10,Ceramic/paver industry Applications:
 Antiskid, footpath, hospital, government buildig, public places, etc. 
Packing & Delivery:
Installation and Warranty:
1. Installation and commissioning issue: 
We will send 1-2 technicians to assist with machine installation and commissioning, customer pays for their tickets, hotel and meals, etc Customer needs arrange 3-4 skilled worker and prepare installation machinery and tools.
2. Warranty time: 
12 months from date of commissioning completion, but no more than 18 months from date of delivery. 
3. Supply full English documents: 
including foundation drawings, operating manual , electric wiring diagram, electric manual book and maintenance book,etc.
Junda Crawler Type Shot Blasting Machine
Item specification
Model JD-Q326
Processing capacity ≤200KG
Maximum weight per workpiece 15KG
Maximum load capacity 200KG
Steel shot diameter 0.2-2.5mm
End disc diameter 650mm
Track aperture 10mm
Track power 1.1Kw
Track speed 3.5r/min
Sand blasting rate 78m/S
Shot blasting quantity 110KG/min
Impeller diameter 420mm
Impeller speed 2700rmp
Impeller power 7.5Kw
Lifting capacity of hoist 24T/h
Lifting rate of hoist 1.2m/s
Hoist power 1.5Kw
Separator separation amount 24T/h
Separator air volume 1500m³/h
Main ventilation volume of precipitator 2500m³/h
Dust collector power 2.2Kw
Dust collector filter material Filter bag
First loading steel shot quantity 200KG
Throughput of bottom screw conveyor 24T/h
Compressed air consumption 0.1m³/min
Gross weight of equipment 100KG
Equipment size length, width and height 3792×2600×4768
Total power of equipment 12.6Kw

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