Process that generates iron and steel slag
Iron and steel slag can be divided into blast furnace slag and steelmaking slag. On the first hand, the former one is produced by the melting and reduction of the iron ore in the blast furnace. On the other hand, the latter one is formed during the steelmaking process by changing the composition of iron.

The steel slag processing process is for the sake of separating different elements from the slag. It involves the process of separation, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, and air separation of the slag generated during the steel smelting process. The iron, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, and other elements contained in the slag are separated, processed, and reused to greatly reduce environmental pollution and achieve effective utilization of resources.

1. Large quantity, waste utilization.
2. Environmental protection and safety, harmless to the human body.
3. Sharp edges, good rust removal effect.
4. Moderate hardness, low loss rate.

Manufacturing and quality management of iron and steel slag products have a broad range of applications. As a result, iron and steel slag products are playing a vital role as building materials for construction materials for infrastructure such as, ports, airports across the globe, as well as eco-friendly materials for restoring and improving the marines and soils.

Model Leading indicator Color Shape Hardness(mohs) Bulk density Application Moisture content SIZE
Steel slag TFe gray Angular 7 2tons/m3 Sandblasting 0.1%MAX 6-10Mesh

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