Why choose garnet sand as water jet cutting abrasive

 Abrasive water jet technology is an improvement of pure high pressure water jet technology. With the power of water, abrasive can impact the cutting object at high frequency to achieve the cutting effect. This technology greatly improves the range of water jet cutting material, cutting speed, cutting effect and shortening the cutting time .
Garnet hardness is moderate, but less than brown corundum, the wear of water jet  is small, can effectively prolong the service life of water equipment; Using magnetic separation, screening and other processing links, when cutting, the magnetic is particularly low, will not adhere to the surface of the water jet or cutting material. Can cut a variety of soft and hard different materials, cutting speed, good effect, garnet is free of silicon natural abrasive, harmless to the human body in the process of operation, and save the time to check equipment 
Our garnet sand product quality is guaranteed, fast delivery speed, material saving, high repetition , improve the cutting efficiency to save costs for user.