Causes of sand blasting machine failure and elimination methods

Junda Sandblasting machine in the use of the process will inevitably have the occurrence of failure, in order to better ensure the use efficiency and life of the equipment, then we need to understand the cause of failure in advance, so as to do a good job of troubleshooting and solving the corresponding work.
Cause 1: The sand in the sand blasting barrel is used up.
Troubleshooting method: Add sand again after unloading the pressure drum.
Cause 2: The nozzle is blocked by a foreign object.
Troubleshooting method: After shutting down and unloading air, first turn the sandblasting nozzle down, check whether there is foreign body blocking in the sandblasting nozzle, if there is foreign body can be removed.
Cause 3: The tube was blocked by foreign bodies and excessive sand.
Troubleshooting method: after unloading gas after shutdown, first turn down the sandblasting nozzle, sand blasting barrel and then inflate, and then open the thrust barrel to use air pressure to blow out the sand material and foreign matter in the tube. If not, the pipe needs to be removed for cleaning or replacement.
Cause 4: The addition of wet sand material (water vapor or rain ran into the sand blasting barrel) caused sand material blocking at the mouth of the sand regulator.
Troubleshooting method: First remove the nozzle (or remove the sandblasting tube), will push; The force valve is fully closed, the sand regulator is fully open, and then the air inlet valve is fully open, so that the gas will be hard squeezed out of the wet sand in the bucket. While pushing out the wet sand in the half bucket, the thrust will be turned on and off instantly to assist in cleaning the wet sand in the tube. If this is not effective, only remove the sand adjuster at the bottom of the sand bucket, unload the sand, and then lock the sand adjuster back, and then dry the sand material again, sieve it through the screen, and readd it into the sand bucket.
Cause 5: High-pressure air instantly sends a large amount of moisture into the sand material in the bucket, or the moisture is sucked into the sand blasting tube through the thrust valve, resulting in wet and sticky sand on the tube wall, thus causing obstruction.
Troubleshooting method: In addition to the above operation, it is better to install a freeze dryer.
Cause 6: large foreign bodies enter the sand blasting barrel without filtering and become stuck on the sand adjuster, causing obstruction and failing to produce sand.
Troubleshooting method: only remove the sand adjuster at the bottom of the sand bucket, unload the sand, lock the sand adjuster back, and then sieve the sand material through the screen, and then re-add to the sand bucket.
The reasons leading to the failure of sand blasting machine are divided into six points in total, so the above six points of failure and solutions are introduced, so as to better ensure the operation of equipment, ensure the use of efficiency and safety.