The practical operation method of Junda sandblasting machine

In the practice of Junda sandblasting machine, in order to ensure the stable operation of equipment and promote the use of equipment efficiency, we need to master the corresponding practical operation methods.
Junda Sandblasting machine will be filled with liquid nitrogen cylinder and equipment connected to accept, open the valve careful to check whether the pipeline leakage, power supply, power indicator light. Push the arc door, press the "click" button, the drum rolls until the drum cover is upward, remove the lever and drum cover, load the products to be repaired, add appropriate steel balls according to the process table, cover the drum cover, press the lever, and pull the arc door into place.
Set flash machine refrigeration operation temperature, drum speed and length, the liquid nitrogen supply and timer switch will be automatically, press the "launch" button, the drum begins to turn 5 / SEC, liquid nitrogen to automatically supply, begin to cool flash drum machine the temperature dropped to set temperature, the drum of rapid rotation, the liquid nitrogen supply and temperature controller control block, to set work time, Switch automatically power off, roller stop rolling.
Junda Sandblasting machine open arc door, remove the lever and roller cover, press the "dot" switch, with products and steel ball all fall within the net, press the "select" button, isolated products and steel ball, put the product into the specified container, for dry cleaning to prevent abuse, liquid nitrogen after products, timely loading to repair the product, go to the next operation cycle.
After the burr machine is used, it is necessary to clean and clean it. In the operation, it is necessary to be careful that the working dynamic of the equipment is not normal. The burr machine should be operated by special personnel. If there are abnormal conditions, please repair it by professional personnel.