Common problems in waterjet cutting

1. Do I need to punch holes when using waterjet cutting tools?
The water jet does not need to be punched in advance during cutting, and the water jet will directly cut the tool according to the figure.
2. What is the water quality requirement for waterjet cutting?
Waterjet cutting has very low water quality requirements. Generally speaking, as long as there is no impurities, it is best to use civilian tap water.
3. Can the water be used again after waterjet cutting ?
When the water jet cuts the workpiece, the cut pieces of the workpiece will be brought into the water together. If sand is needed for cutting, the cut sand will also be brought into the water. If it is to be reused, it needs to be filtered, which will increase it’s cost.
4. Can people approach when the water jet is running? ?
During the operation of the water jet, the power of the high-pressure water jet is very large, so the operator must keep a certain distance from it to avoid accidental injury.
5. Can the water jet cut tempered glass? ?
Tempered glass cannot be cut due to its own characteristics, and neither can water jets.
6. Is the operation of the water jet difficult? ?
The operation of the water jet is very simple, as long as the image is designed with CAD, the water jet can be used for cutting
7. Can the garnet sand be used repeatedly by the water jet ? ?
The edges and corners of the used garnet sand will be smoothed during the waterjet cutting process, and it is useless to use it again