Matters needing attention when operating Junda sandblasting machinery

Due to the impact and cutting effect of abrasive on the workpiece surface, the workpiece surface can obtain certain cleanliness and different roughness, thus improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface. Therefore, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating, prolong the durability of the coating, but also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating, remove the impurities, color and oxide layer on the surface, at the same time the surface of the medium becomes rough, eliminate the residual stress of the workpiece, improve the surface hardness of the base material.
Details should be paid attention to in the operation of Junda sandblasting machinery:
First, there is little or no sand: the barrels have run out. Turn off the gas and slowly add the appropriate sand.
Secondly, the sandblasting gun of the sandblasting machine may be blocked: after the gas stops, go to the nozzle to check whether there is a foreign body, if there is, clean up the foreign body. It also depends on whether the sand is dry. If the sand is too wet, it will also cause blockage, so the compressed air needs to be dried.
Three, sandblasting pipe blockage: the pipe is blocked by objects. After stopping and closing the air supply, the nozzle should be removed first, and then the sand blasting machine should be opened, and the foreign matter should be blown out by the high pressure gas of the air compressor. If it still does not work, remove, clean or replace the pipe.
Four, the wet combination of sandblasting abrasives will not produce sand, which will clean the nozzle of the spray gun, pour out the sandblasting abrasives, dry in the sun and filter with a screen.
Five, with sand blasting machine supporting the air compressor compressed air will produce a lot of water, which will not only cause wet sand material, but also cause sand blasting wall wet and sand adhesion, slowly blocked the pipeline, so it should avoid this kind of thing, need to be equipped with dryer.