How to improve the work efficiency of sand blasting machine

​When the sandblasting machine is running, the manufacturer will want to improve the efficiency of the equipment, so as to promote the production of the enterprise, but in terms of improving the efficiency of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly follow the prescribed operation methods to use and maintain the equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the work efficiency.
1. Stability of air source flow
The stability of the air source flow directly affects the efficiency of sandblasting. Generally, according to the configuration of the suction air source, the nozzle diameter is 8mm and the pressure is 6kg. The air flow required by the real consumption is 0.8m3 per minute, and the air source required by the pressing nozzle diameter is 10mm and the pressure is 6kg.
2. Air source pressure
The general sandblasting pressure is about 4-7 kg. The greater the pressure, the greater the abrasive loss and the higher the efficiency. This requires users to choose the corresponding pressure value according to the requirements of the product process. But the size of the air pipe, the length of the pipe, the elbow of the pipe connection, will have loss for the pressure of the air source. The early user must evaluate accurately to ensure that the size of the pressure meets the requirements of the process pressure.
3, sandblasting abrasive
Market abrasive types, hardness, quality and other styles are too many, users should follow up the requirements of the process, long-term usability, comprehensive consideration, try to choose some good quality abrasive, so as to improve sandblasting efficiency, reduce the comprehensive cost.
4. Sand return system
Abrasives are recycled, so if the better will be recycled abrasives quickly, to ensure that abrasives can be recycled, recycled, to meet the supply of sandblasting abrasives.
5. Spray gun system
The uniform and stable sand production is also one of the important parts to improve the sandblasting efficiency. The selection of the structure of the spray gun, the rationality of the design structure, and the uniform stability of the spray gun sand production are closely related to the sandblasting efficiency. The operator should always pay attention to and maintain the sand blasting efficiency.
Because the high and low diameter of the sand blasting machine efficiency is connected with the production cost, so in the use of the equipment, the corresponding efficiency can be improved according to the above, so as to better meet the use needs of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of damage.