Road Marking Glass Beads Usage

Reflective glass beads for road markings can improve the reflective performance of road marking paint. The car lamp lights on the marking lines with glass beads, which can reflect the light of the car lights back, making the driver see the direction of travel, and improve the safety of driving at night.
Road reflective glass beads are a kind of fine glass sphere formed by melting glass sand (waste glass) at high temperatures. Glass beads for road marking are spherical under the microscope, colorless, transparent, and the refractive index is 1.5-1.64. Between 44 and 1400 microns in diameter.
Our reflective road paint beads use the window glass, the color is white and clean, reflective micro glass beads will give good performance when used on marking line, the roundness is more than 80% to promise the reflectivity.
Glass beads for road marking are widely used on city road lines, highway pavement, and Guardrail outlines.