Product introduction
Zircon sand (zircon) is extremely resistant to high temperatures, and its melting point reaches 2750 degrees Celsius. And resistant to acid corrosion. 80% of the world's production is directly used in the foundry industry, ceramics, glass industry and the manufacture of refractory materials. A small amount used in ferroalloy, medicine, paint, leather, abrasives, chemical and nuclear industries. Very small amounts are used for smelting zirconium metal.
Zircon sand containing ZrO265 ~ 66% is directly used as the casting material of iron metal in the foundry because of its melting resistance (melting point above 2500℃). Zircon sand has lower thermal expansion, higher thermal conductivity, and has stronger chemical stability than other common refractory materials, so high-quality zircon and other adhesives together have good adhesion and are used in the casting industry. Zircon sand is also used as bricks for glass kilns. Zircon sand and zircon powder have other uses when mixed with other refractory materials.

Product use
Zircon sand (zircon stone) is used in the production of refractory materials (called zircon refractories, such as zirconium corundum bricks, zirconium refractory fibers), casting sand (precision casting sand), precision enamel appliances, and glass, metal (sponge zirconium) and zirconium compounds (zirconium dioxide, zirconium chloride, sodium zirconate, potassium fluozirate, zirconium sulfate, etc.). Can make glass kiln zirconia bricks, zirconia bricks for steel drums, ramming materials and castables; Adding to other materials can improve its properties, such as adding zirconium sand to synthetic cordierite, can broaden the sintering range of cordierite, but does not affect its thermal shock stability; Zirconium sand is added to high alumina brick to make high alumina brick resistant to spalling, and the thermal shock stability is greatly improved. It can also be used to extract ZrO2. Zircon sand can be used as high-quality raw sand for casting, and zircon sand powder is the main component of casting paint.

Junda Zircon sand

Model Leadingindicator Moisture Refractive index Hardness(mohs) Bulk density(g/cm3) Application ,Melting point Crystal state
  ZrO2+HfO2 Fe2O3 TiO2 0.18% 1.93-2.01 7-8 4.6-4.7g/cm3 Refractory materials, fine casting 2340-2550 Square pyramidal column
zircon sand66 66%min 0.10%max 0.15%max
zircon sand65 65%min 0.10%max 0.15%max
zircon sand66 63%min 0.25%max 0.8%max

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