Rutile is a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide, TiO2. Rutile is the most common natural form of TiO2. Predominantly used as a raw material for chloride titanium dioxide pigment manufacture. Also used in titanium metal production and welding rod fluxes.It has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and small specific gravity. It is widely used in military aviation, aerospace, navigation, machinery, chemical industry, seawater desalination, etc. Rutile itself is one of the necessary raw materials for high-end welding electrodes, and it is also the best raw material for the production of rutile titanium dioxide. The chemical composition is TiO2.

Our offered sand is processed with utmost care and perfection using hi-tech processing machines. In addition to this, the provided sand is rigorously examined on numerous quality parameters to ensure its quality according to the set industry standards.

Element ontent

Project Quality(%) Project Quality(%)
Chemical composition% TiO2 ≥95 PbO <0.01
Fe2O3 1.46 ZnO <0.01
A12O3 0.30 SrO <0.01
Zr(Hf)O2 1.02 MnO 0.03
SiCh 0.40 Rb2O <0.01
Fe2O3 1.46 Cs2O <0.01
CaO 0.01 CdO <0.01
MgO 0.08 P2O5 0.02
K2O <0.01 SO3 0.05
Na2O 0.06 Na2O 0.06
Li2O <0.01    
Cr2O3 0.20 Melting point: 1850 °С
NiO <0.01 Specific Gravity: 4150 - 4300 kg/m3
CoO <0.01 Bulk density: 2300 - 2400 kg/m3
CuO <0.01 Grain size: 63 -160 mkm



Flammable: Nonflammable



Solubility in Water: Insoluble



Angle of friction: 30°



Hardness: 6



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