Copper ore, also known as copper slag sand or copper furnace sand, is the slag produced after copper ore is smelted and extracted, also known as molten slag. The slag is processed by crushing and screening according to different uses and needs, and the specifications are expressed by the mesh number or the size of the particles. Copper ore has high hardness, shape with diamond, low content of chloride ions, little dust during sandblasting, no environmental pollution, improve the working conditions of sandblasting workers, rust removal effect is better than other rust removal sand, because it can be reused, economic benefits are also very considerable, 10 years, the repair plant, shipyard and large steel structure projects are using copper ore as rust removal.
When quick and effective spray painting is needed, copper slag is the ideal choice. Depending on the grade, it produces heavy to moderate etching and leaves the surface coated with primer and paint. Copper slag is a consumable silica free substitute for quartz sand.

Silica free (less than 0.1%)
Fast and effective surface cleaning
Very low dust
Meets the requirements of SSPC-AB1 and MIL-A-22262B (SH)
Clean surface finish
Surface profile from 2.0 to 5.0
Efficient sandblasting and use less grit

Rust, paint and oxide removal
Bridge removal and maintenance
Barge and ship blasting
Military vehicles and boats stripped
Water tower stripping
Surface treatment of new metals
High pressure sprinkler system

Product name Leading indicator Density Moisture PH Hardness(mohs) Bulk density(g/cm3) Application Size
Copper Slag / Iron Silicate Feo AI2O3 SiO2 MgO Cu CaO 3.85g/cm3 0.18% 7 7 3.98g/cm3 Refractory materials, fine casting 6-10mshe ;
10-20mesh ;
20-40mesh ;
46.1% 16.54% 25.34% 1.45% 0.87% 8.11%

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